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January 05, 2012

Travel Tip #1


Travel Tip #1 - Pack Light

With airlines lowering baggage allowances it is more important than ever to pack light! When you depart home for a trip weigh your bag and leave 5 to 10 pounds (if possible) for souvenirs.

For trips 14 days and less I recommend packing for half of the total duration of your trip. If you have booked a 14 day vacation, pack for 7 days.

Think of taking a neutral pair of pants and/or shorts that will go with multiple tops; this works for day or night. Pack a small bottle of delicate detergent; this will allow you to wash items by hand in your bathroom sink while travelling and then hang the items to dry in your shower/bathtub. Use laundry facilities in your hotel or cruise ship to get a second use out of the clothing items you have taken.

These few tips will make your bag lighter for flying!

Written by Denise Blackmore, MCC

Denise is certified Master Cruise Counsellor working with Cruising2Alaska.com. Denise has over 16 years experience in the travel industry. She specializes in cruise vacations and focuses on the destinations of Alaska, Europe and Tahiti due to her numerous certifications and travel to these areas.

Posted by Denise at January 5, 2012 09:52 AM

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