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March 19, 2011

New River Cruise Ships Offer Large Suites & Balconies!


Recently Viking River Cruises announced their next generation of vessels (river cruise ships). What is exciting about this announcement is the accommodations offered onboard.

Viking River Cruises is planning to spend $120 million to build four ships, all planned for 2012. The top suites on these ships will measure 445 square feet. That's more than double what most accommodations on a river cruise offer. These suites will also feature a separate living room, bedroom, bathroom and private wrap-around balcony.

Take a look at these incredible pictures:

View of the Wrap-Around Balcony:

Living Room

Viking River Cruises chairman and CEO has stated the company is trying to appeal to people who have been on ocean ships. He says that people have become so used to balconies on ocean ships (that) they are demaning balconies when they go on river cruises.

I agree that people like the idea of floor-to-ceiling windows with a glass door that opens to fresh air and stunning views. If you have not taken a river cruise before it is considered a great value. Onboard the ship you have three meals a day included. While the ship is in port (sometimes two ports a day) a sightseeing tour is included.

The four new ships Viking River Cruises are building will be named Viking Freya, Viking Idun, Viking Njord and Viking Odin. Each ship is being built to have 95 staterooms. Here is a picture of a regular Balcony Stateroom:


To save space on these new ships they have removed the spa onboard. Instead they will offer passengers spa and health club packages at four and five star facilities while the ship is in port. Additionally, the ship'a main lounge will have four built in screens and surround sound which would allow the lounge multiple uses.

Bookings for these four new ships started on Friday, March 18th. Contact a Viking River Cruise Specialist at Cruising2Europe.com #1-800-738-8837 or click on the banner below.

Written by Denise Blackmore, MCC

Viking River Cruises Special Offers

Posted by Denise at March 19, 2011 01:03 PM

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