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April 11, 2010

Moana Lani Spa Review, A Heavenly Spa by Westin

Moana Lani Spa Review, A Heavenly Spa by Westin
Located at the Moana Surfrider Hotel by Westin in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

When reviewing a hotel or spa I usually score out of 10, but I feel this spa should be given a score out of 100. Therefore, I rate it 93 out of 100!


The Moana Lani Spa is the best spa I've ever been too. Now, I should give you some background. Over my many years of adulthood I have been to many spas on land and at sea (on cruise ships). Every holiday I take I visit the spa and when I'm at home I visit local spa's in my home town, Vancouver, at least 3 times per year. I think I'm well versed at what spas offer, from change rooms to treatments. I've had massages, wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and electrolysis.

To give this spa such a high rating I looked at the following; check-in and check-out, decor, relaxation sitting, amenities, cleaniness and staff interaction. Some could say I'm over-analyzing for this review, but I feel that women in this world deserve a really great spa and when spending your precious money, to spent it wisely.


Both checking in and checking out I was greeted in a friendly, courteous manner and with a smile. While checking in I was asked my name, she confirmed what treatment(s) I was having and then asked if I had any coupons or special offers. I thought asking this question was great. As a client having to ask to use a coupon can feel a little uncomfortable and most people don't know when to show the coupon, at the beginning or at the end. She then walked me to a small waiting room where I read a form, signed in and sat for under 1 minute before I was greeted by another friendly face. This lady walked me into the change room area, opening each door for me and then giving me a tour of the spa. Again, a nice touch since I had not been to the spa in the past and did not know where things were.

The change rooms are spilt into two areas, both offering two make-up/hair drying areas with mirrors, a small ottoman in the middle of the room to place items or sit while changing and wooden lockers on one side of the room. Each locker has a keypad on it and the lady showing me around taught me how to use it. I thought this was very smart. No need to carry around a key in your robe pocket! Inside the locker there were rubber sandals, a robe, a hanger and three cubby holes for shoes and other items.


After getting changed I went into the relaxation room to get some water. Here you could also find a fruit basket, which mainly offered oranges and Fuji apples, three types of tea bags (very high quality tea; I remember one of the flavours was raspberry truffle because I had a glass after my treatment), honey crystals, water (that was ice cubes melted into lemons so the water was nice and cold) and cups.

The relaxation room faced Waikiki Beach. There were two giant windows and one lanai/balcony with the doors open. An amazing view of the beach and ocean were found here. Plus, the relaxation room offered very comfortable sitting. Two window seats, under each giant window, some regular oversized chairs with cushions, and five chaise lounge seats. All seating offered a coffee table next or in-between them so you could put down your drink. They also offered magazines on the coffee tables. Two large ceiling fans moved the fresh air around the room and did I mention the decor was beautiful. Soft blue hues on the chair cushions with a warm brown wicker feel to the chairs and ceiling fans.

I then went into the hot tub, which was one room over and also offered the same ocean and beach views. Here I sat for 10 minutes unwinding. Just behind the hot tub you'll find a large steam room and large sauna. Outside the steam room is a large stacks of ice cold face cloths and some dry oversized towels. I took a short steam and then dried off and returned to the lounge. I had some water, read a magazine in a chaise lounge chair and waited for my appointment to begin.

I had a 50 minute Swedish massage by a middle-aged Asian women, who was very friendly. She escorted me to the treatment room and asked that I sit. She then gave me a small wooden bowl with salts inside. She asked me to put all my worries and thoughts into these salts and at the end of the day the salts would be thrown into the sea. She called it cleansing.

She left the room to let me get onto the bed and the next 50 minutes were very relaxing. She asked what pressure I'd like, which I requested light to medium, and her strength was perfect. After my nap, I mean massage, I was escorted back to the lounge. Here I sat looking out at the blue of the water and sipping my raspberry truffle tea. After an hour of relaxing I used the restroom, changed and left the spa.

My check-out was just as pleasant as my check-in and I left thinking how fondly I'd like to return.

I will happily return to this spa when I return to Honolulu!

Written by Denise Blackmore

Posted by Denise at April 11, 2010 02:48 PM

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