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May 26, 2008

Red Lion Hotel Seattle, WA Review


Red Lion Hotel Seattle, WA
1 night stay April 25, 2008

I had purchased this 1 night stay through priceline, pre-paying for the room. After making my reservation I emailed the hotel and requested a king or queen bed, non-smoking.

We checked in at 3pm on April 25th with a friendly young man. His computer was slow so the check-in process took longer than normal. After receiving our rooms keys and asking where a good pub was nearby we took the elevator up to our room.

The room was small, but for only 1 night I wasn't concerned. We left our bags and walked a block west to the pub recommended, which was okay (not somewhere I would return to). After shopping for a few hours we went back to the hotel, watched a movie and went to bed around 10pm.

After settling in, some guests started checking into rooms down the hall. It must have been a group or family traveling together because they had to go room to room talking to each other in the hall. The talking and laughing was so loud my husband phoned the front desk and asked to have security come up. These guests must have heard him because they disappeared for 30 minutes. We think security did visit the floor during this time. Then the group started doing it again?going door to door talking to each other. I felt like they were in my room (it was that loud).

The walls are paper thin. Another example of this is at 6am in the morning the vacant room next to us had its radio alarm turn on and we listened to it until we left the hotel in the morning.

The bathroom was small and the toilet was very low to the ground. I would not recommend this hotel for a senior. The shower/tub combination had a large nuzzle, but the spray was wide and low in strength. I could not wash my hair under this nuzzle.

My husband and I were unimpressed with our stay. He had planned to say something while checking out, however the woman at the front desk did seem to care. She did smile when we first arrived at the front desk, but didn't ask how our stay was and took a phone call from someone while checking us out. She wasn't professional.

I have visited Seattle many times and will return in the future. However, I will not be returning to the Red Lion Hotel in Seattle on Fifth Avenue.

Written by Denise Lovrich


Posted by Denise at May 26, 2008 03:39 PM

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