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March 25, 2008



FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA. (MARCH 20, 2008) ? MSC Cruises, one of the world?s fastest growing cruise companies, implements a world?s first while continuing to demonstrate its commitment to the environment with the launch of its first ship for 2008, MSC Poesia (meaning poetry).


The newest member of the fleet, to be launched next month, is the first in the world to use a new, unique patented foul release coatings system known as Intersleek® 900.

Just one of its many features, the ship will be equipped with state of the art technology which not only adheres to strict legislation but significantly reduces any negative impact on the environment while safeguarding guest comfort.

MSC Poesia will be joined later in the year by ?Ecoship? MSC Fantasia; another step closer to providing the most modern and environmentally friendly fleet by 2010.

Among the key features are:
? Intersleek® 900: MSC Cruises is the first company to apply this revolutionary biocide free, foul release coatings system onto a newly built cruise ship. Applied to the underwater hull, this system will not just benefit the environment through reduced carbon dioxide emissions, fuel efficiency, paint consumption and the leaching of biocides but also enhances performance.

? Oil and fuel: MSC Poesia is fitted with fuel tanks with the highest standard of equipment for the treatment/retention of oil and fuel wastage, based on MARPOL restrictions.

? Energy saving: The cruise card doubles as the on/off switch for electricity and air conditioning in the stateroom. The system disables certain lights, hairdryers and air conditioning when the cabin is unoccupied. This process conserves energy and reduces gas emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect.

? Bunker: The ship?s fuel mixture is treated by depurators before being burned by the engines, thus generating energy, reaching a limit of pollution less than 1.5%. The emissions are purified to guarantee the minimum impact on the environment and health, complying with the BLUE FLAG agreement, signed by the authorities of Venice.

? Refuse: On board all waste is treated, including aluminum cans which will be recycled into sheet aluminum at port. In fact, more than 15 tons of aluminum cans were recycled by MSC Cruises in the second half of 2007 alone! On board the ship there are also environmentally friendly incinerator units for both wood and paper.

? Cleaning products: All the detergents and soaps on board MSC Poesia are naturally produced and supplied by companies with an environmentally friendly certificate. The waste water containing soap is purified and fully cleaned before being discharged.

MSC Cruises? commitment to the environment is reflected by the numerous certificates it has been awarded:

? ISO 14001 Environmental Protection certificate from the Bureau Veritas.

? CLEAN-SEA2 and CLEAN-AIR certificates assigned to ships that care for the environment and follow strict emission measures.

? ?Venice Blue Flag? award, which sets the standard for carbon emissions.


Emilio La Scala, general manager for MSC Cruises? Technical Department, said, ?This is a very exciting time for us and we are as committed as ever to extending our responsible environmental practices with our new ship, MSC Poesia. Our key aim is to have the most modern and environmentally friendly fleet by 2010, and this new ship ensures we are definitely on track. As a European company, we are dedicated to driving improvements within the fleet and our comprehensive green program ensures compliance with all environmental guidelines without compromising passenger comfort.?

MSC Poesia will be launched April 5, 2008. At 89,600 tons and accommodating 2,550 guests (double occupancy), with more external balconies than ever before, MSC Poesia will be a sister ship to the popular MSC Orchestra and MSC Musica (launched in 2007 and 2006 respectively). She will become the ninth ship in the MSC Cruises fleet, which has experienced one of the industry?s largest fleet expansions in the last three years.

MSC Cruises currently has a fleet of eight ships: MSC Orchestra, MSC Musica, MSC Sinfonia, MSC Opera, MSC Armonia, MSC Lirica, MSC Melody and MSC Rhapsody, cruising in the Mediterranean year round and seasonally in Northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean and South America. The fleet will increase to 12 ships by 2010. In the spring of 2008 MSC Poesia, the third ship in the ?Musica? class, will join the fleet, followed in the autumn of 2008 and spring 2009 by MSC Fantasia and MSC Splendida. These will be two of the largest ships built by a European ship owner. Then in 2010 MSC Magnifica, the fourth ship in the ?Musica? class, will enter service.

MSC Cruises is a partner of the city of Venice and a member of the Club - ?Friends of Venice? as well as one of the supporters for the project ?Venice Blue Flag? which sets the standards for the carbon emissions.

Posted by Denise at March 25, 2008 03:43 PM

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