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November 09, 2004



Exploring A World of Contrast In Puerto Vallarta!

In Puerto Vallarta, the sun shines an average of 340 days per year. Which comes as no surprise since this picturesque town is, by all accounts, paradise. After all Puerto Vallarta rests peacefully on the white, sandy shores of the Bay of Banderas, one of the world's largest bays, and boasts the breathtaking Sierra Madre mountains as its backdrop. Dolphins are found in the bay year-round, and humpback whales may even be spotted between November and March.

While the setting alone is enough to make Puerto Vallarta a favourite destination among guests, the town - settled by a group of farmers and fisherman in 1850 - also has quite a historic charm. Here, narrow cobblestone streets wind past colonial buildings. Local artists showcase textiles and native crafts. White adobe houses with red-tiled roofs display bright flowers in fuchsia and gold.

What's interesting, however, is that despite its many charms, Puerto Vallarta might have remained a sleepy fishing village for years to come - were it not for one extraordinary occurrence: In 1963, director John Hutson chose it as the location for The Night of the Iguana, a film starring Richard Burton.

The off-screen romance that blossomed between the lead actor and Elizabeth Taylor made international headlines, putting Puerto Vallarta on the map and earning it an instant reputation for tropical romance and exquisite beauty.

The town, of course, far exceeded the expectations of the visitors who soon arrived. Many celebrities even decided to call it home, building spectacular mansions on the cliffs overlooking the bay. Soon, fine art galleries, gourmet restaurants, five-star hotels, and world-class golf courses followed, bringing a wonderful touch of the new to a city rich in history.

In just a few short years, Puerto Vallarta had become something truly unique: a beautiful collage of all things past and present. Even today, this gorgeous seaside city continues to delight guests with this intermingling of old and new.

Here, simplicity meets luxury. History meets modernity. And even the most discerning of travelers find a vacation experience that delights all the senses - an experience that is altogether sublime.

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Posted by Denise at November 9, 2004 09:09 PM
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