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September 19, 2004

C.L.I.A. - Cruise News


New York - Today‚??s retirees are more fit, more adventurous and have more time to spare than their predecessors. In their quest for ways to enrich their lives, members of this mature segment of society are discovering that cruises offered by the members of the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) are ideally suited for this new phase of their lives.

Members of this growing segment of society ‚?? the Census Bureau projects that by 2007 the number of Americans age 55 and older will grow six times faster than the rest of the population ‚?? tend to be vibrant, active adults, many of whom have retired early, are very health- and fitness-conscious, and want to make the most of their retirement years. They have the time, the ability and the desire to do things they have always wanted to do, whether it is visiting a far-off land, learning a new skill or trying something ‚??adventurous.‚?Ě

‚??Retirees are not merely observers; they are participants ‚?? whether they are exploring Alaska by helicopter or taking an in-depth sightseeing tour of the landmarks of ancient Rome,‚?Ě says Terry L. Dale, president and CEO of CLIA, the North American cruise industry‚??s non-profit marketing and training organization which represents 19 cruise lines and 16,000 travel agencies. ‚??The traditional view of retirement has changed and the cruise industry provides numerous exciting options for these new retirees.‚?Ě

‚??Because many of these individuals have worked many years and saved a lifetime for their retirement, they are very aware of the need to spend their money wisely. That‚??s why a cruise is a great option,‚?Ě adds Dale. ‚??When you compare the cost of a seven-day cruise to a less-inclusive seven-day land option, you likely will find the cruise is less expensive. Many of the items that would be ‚??extras‚?? on a typical vacation ‚?? such as Broadway-style entertainment, meals, snacks, transportation, enrichment classes and other activities ‚?? are generally included in the cost of a cruise.‚?Ě

In addition to the value, cruise lines offer options that make a cruise a perfect fit for retirees. The health-conscious traveler will appreciate the healthy dining options and fitness programs that are tailored to individual ability levels.

Those who have a ‚??to do‚?Ě list for their retirement years can accomplish a great deal during one cruise. With more than 1,800 ports of call in the world from which to choose, a cruise provides the thrill of exploring new places. Shore excursions and pre- and post-cruise packages enable guests to do in-depth sightseeing in some of the world‚??s most exciting and interesting locales.

Onboard enrichment programs allow them to expand their knowledge of such subjects as computers, art, music, politics, literature or take an in-depth look at the destinations they are visiting.

The cruise lines also offer opportunities for guests to be adventurous ‚?? from very active to ‚??soft‚?Ě adventure and everything in between. They can choose to engage in active pursuits or relax. They can also try something new, whether it‚??s an activity, a fitness program or even a culinary experience.

‚??With the 19 CLIA-member cruise lines, the CLIA fleet of nearly 150 ships, the more than 1,800 worldwide destinations visited by cruise ships and the ever-expanding list of amenities available to travelers, it is important that travelers find the cruise that is right for them,‚?Ě says Dale. ‚??The easiest way is to contact a travel agency that is a member of CLIA. By matching consumers with the cruise that is best for them, CLIA agents help ensure they don‚??t come home disappointed.‚?Ě

They can also help find the ideal cruise for retirees to share with their grandchildren or the entire family. Since a cruise has activities for all ages and all interests, everyone will come home from their cruise vacation with fond memories of this shared experience.

‚??These agents are the recognized experts when it comes to sharing the good word about cruise vacations,‚?Ě says Dale. ‚??They have taken advantage of CLIA‚??s extensive ongoing education program, including personal cruise ship inspections and actual cruising experience.‚?Ě

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